Two stories made national headlines in the last week that, while minor, seem to reflect the moral and practical disintegration of Irish journalism.

In one, it was reported that a school in Carlow had ordered it’s female students to dress more modestly so as not to distract the male teachers.

Feeling that you have a home, that you are a link in a generational chain, and that your inherited history is a tale of heroism and success rather than disgrace and attenuation; most people need these things.

In his own life, Joe Biden has outsourced the location of these…

Dear Ms Mitchell

I read with some dismay the following report from Irish examiner website, 10th June 2020:

“Ireland has a racism problem and some statues of racist figures may need to be removed, Taoiseach Leo Varadkar has said… Mr Varadkar said a statue of Sean Russell, an Irish republican…

“... their insistence at centering public life around marginal micro-perspectives…”

Watching the attempts in the last week by activists to infect Irish life with the alien mind-viruses of Black Lives Matter and White Privilege, there was something nagging at me. Their entitlement, the willingness to position their material interests as a moral imperative, their insistence at centering public life around…

Conor Fitzgerald

Foreign correspondent

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